Ethan Fawkes – XXIX (Digital EP – Ötomo Trax)

By Aug 2,2017

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Genre/Influences: Technoid, dark-techno, techno-body.

Background/Info: Ethan Fawkes is already back on track, now joining hands together with Ötomo Trax (The Netherlands). This EP features 3 tracks plus a remix of the main cut (cf. “You Break The Balance”).

Content: “XXIX” saw Ethan Fawkes getting back to EBM although mixed with his dark-techno approach. “You Break The Balanced” is a song that will rapidly evoke Fixmer – McCarthy. There’s a similar techno-body approach plus vocal parts. The “Alternate Mix” sounds less polished accentuating the raw approach of the Belgian producer.

Both cuts left are somewhat different, but still interesting cuts to discover. Ethan Fawkes first experiments with a harder industrial-techno style while the last cut is more into his acid approach. Both cuts have been carried by a hard, beating kick.

+ + + : “You Break The Balance” is a real cool cut, which will appeal for all lovers of Fixmer/McCarthy. There’s a similar, efficient merge between EBM influences and raw techno vibes. I also like the unpolished production. Ethan Fawkes also explores the possibilities of techno- mixed with industrial music. It’s an interesting experience opening new perspectives for further releases.

– – – : “You Break The Balance” is a great song, but I’m convinced it could have been even better by somewhat more enraged vocals. This is the single aspect of the production I would improve and that’s maybe an interesting experience for a remix. Ethan Fawkes likes remixes so why not a remix mainly focuses on harder vocals?!

Conclusion: Ethan Fawkes has found the perfect balance between dark-techno and EBM. “You Break The Balance” is a dangerous dancefloor killer that will appeal to EBM freaks and techno lovers.

Best songs: “You Break The Balance”, “Yin”.

Rate: (7½).

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