Ethan Fawkes – Hoovers & Stabs (CD Album – Ethan Fawkes No Label)

By Apr 24,2019

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Genre/Influences: Techno-rave, acid, new-beat.

Background/Info: Belgian producer Ethan Fawkes remains a very prolific artist. Next to the constant release of singles and EP’s he from time to time also releases a new full length. “Hoovers & Stabs” is featuring several previously released singles such as “Belgium Is Back”, “James Brown’s Return”, “Let’s Go James”… “Hoovers & Stabs” also is an ‘ode’ to the 90s techno-rave style.

Content: This is for sure one of the most surprising and challenging productions by Ethan Fawkes. The songs are totally old-school like and clearly inspired by the late 90s techno- and rave movement. You’ll rapidly notice some typical sounds, screams and arrangements. Ethan Fawkes also added some samplings from that time. The work is pretty diversified, but always centered on the ‘rave’-sound.

+ + + : This album is a crazy challenge; it will work or simply become a flop! Well, I like artists taking risks and being open for challenges. The idea is original and I can imagine there’re nostalgic techno freaks for this kind of production. I like the minimalism running through “Go To feel It” and the vocals reminding me of early The Prodigy on “James Brown’s Return”.

– – – : This album is definitely not my favorite Ethan Fawkes work! I prefer him experimenting with techno and good-old EBM instead of getting back to the commercial techno and rave scene from the 90s.

Conclusion: This work sounds more like an artist who wanted to please himself by reinventing a music style he had liked during his teenage years.

Best songs: “Rave D’Un Soir”, “James Brown’s Return”, “The Lord Of Darkness”.

Rate: (6½).

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