Nooit – OA-I (Cassette Album – Freak Friendly DIY)

By Apr 24,2019

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Genre/Influences: Death-industrial, experimental, power-electronics.

Background/Info: Nooit is a Ukrainian solo-project driven by ‘Non’. This album seems to be the debut work of Nooit.

Content: The opening cut is for sure one of the hardest parts of the album featuring 6 tracks. It’s a heavy power-electronic assault driven by heavy screams in the native language of the artist. There’re similar tracks coming up, but Nooit also reveals a more minimal- and experimental side made of icy sound treatments and dark, buzzing sound waves.

+ + + : I like the minimal passages running through this work, which mainly excel at the instrumental “OA03”. But there also is a great and strong dark, tormenting spirit, which comes back in all cuts. I here especially recommend “OA05”. A last aspect I like is the kind of controlled noise power.

– – – : This is the kind of ‘extreme’ release, which is mainly suited for a very restricted number of music lovers. It however is a rather accessible work in this music genre. I just regret the tracks aren’t really exploding with maybe a little bit more power and sonic violence.

Conclusion: Nooit stands for an interesting sound experiment in an extreme and difficult music genre!

Best songs: “OA05”, “OA03”.

Rate: (7).





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