Testphasen Negativ – Die Soziale Apokalypse / The Social Apocalypse (CD Album – ContraMusikProduction)

By Apr 24,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental, cinematographic.

Background/Info: German project Testphasen Negativ has already released several productions since 2006. This album is however the first one in six years and is a bit like a new beginning.

Content: Testphasen Negativ has been never an average industrial/experimental band. The global sound approach is pretty retro-like and even getting us back to the early 80s when the weirdest, but also the most creative projects, happened. That’s precisely what this album brings back to life. Industrial sound treatments and sonic noise storms have been mixed with piano parts and whispering vocal passages some passages are spooky while others are leading to a sonic maelstrom.

+ + + : It’s quite crazy to realize how a kind of old-school driven experimental/industrial composition can be that avant-garde. That’s maybe because of the industrial artists who are all sounding the same. Testphasen Negativ brings you a different approach based upon the magic of early experiments. The piano playing has something unexpected and creates a kind of industrial music to listen to. I also have to say a word about the great artwork of this CD format.

– – – : the album is missing a climax top speak about a totally successful work. It’s not the most accessible style of music, but it will be liked by industrial lovers.

Conclusion: I can’t say this work is totally visionary, but the old-school influences have something refreshing!

Best songs: “Abgrund”, “Schwindelgefuehl”.

Rate: (7).

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