Ethan Fawkes – Future Oldschool (Digital EP – Fnoob Digital)

By Aug 2,2017

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Genre/Influences: Technoid, dark-techno, techno-body.

Background/Info: Belgian producer Ethan Fawkes is releasing EP’s like hell. During the past few years he has recorded an impressive number of records, which have been recorded on multiple labels. For this new EP he joined hands with the young British label Fnoob Digital.

Content: Ethan Fawkes has used to entertain his fans with a powerful techno-body sound. This new work reveals four different cuts is more into the exploration of dark techno fields. He also added some ghost-like female chants on the debut track this way accentuating the dark side of the work. Cold technoid sequences and raw sound treatments are quite noticeable elements running through this work.

+ + + : I like the title of this EP, which in a way stands a bit for the sound of the artist. There’s an old-school flavor supporting the songs, but also the format featuring four different cuts and not one single remix is pretty old-school like. This EP will definitely more appeal to techno lovers instead of EBM freaks and yet Ethan Fawkes has this underground approach which makes his music more accessible for non-techno lovers. I especially like the raw sound treatments and the haunting production behind this work.

– – – : I’ve already heard less techno orientated work by Ethan Fawkes, which I personally prefer. This new work is maybe a bit too techno-orientated for EBM lovers, which however remains an audience Ethan Fawkes likes to conquer.

Conclusion: This is not my favorite Ethan Fawkes work in history although I fully enjoyed the EP. Ethan Fawkes is an artist who remains faithful to his sonic basis while trying to explore new or different elements on each new production. That’s an aspect of the artist I especially like!

Best songs: “Reboot”, “Floating City”.

Rate: (6½).

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