Reakton – Weltall : Erde : Mensch (Album – Electro Shock Records)

By Oct 24,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD, USB stick.

Background/Info: Reakton is a Berlin based artist inspired by the sound of Kraftwerk. “Weltall : Erde : Mensch” is the band’s debut album featuring twelve songs.

Content: From the very first notes you can hear the shadow of Kraftwerk running through the composition. It’s all in the sounds; some sequences and the robotic production of the vocals. But still some parts of the vocals are clearly reminding me of Kraftwerk. Quite progressively the work evolves into more personal creations although it remains pure ‘Machine-Pop’ or ‘Kraftwerk-Pop’. A few passages are more into experimentalism, but globally speaking this album will please all lovers of this specific Electronic genre.

+ + + : Just like Metroland, Deutsche Bank ao Reakton is emulating the sound of Kraftwerk. The inspiration is easily recognizable, but it however remains a challenge walking in the sonic footsteps of Kraftwerk. And just as the aforementioned ‘copyists’, Reakton is a talented project. The song writing is sophisticated, but still very accessible. The production is driven by deep, carrying bass lines and an impressive sound cocktail of bleeping sequences. I also noticed a few surprising orchestral arrangements. The album features different highlights, but I especially want to mention “Applikation” and “News”. Both tracks are progressively evolving towards a true apotheosis. Other attention grabbers are “Druck”, “U.P.S.”, “Ameropa” and “Motor”. 

– – – : I sometimes get a feeling like ‘Kraftwerk coming out of that body’, but it can also be considered as a compliment and reference.

Conclusion: Reakton’s source of inspiration is totally cliché, but the way the songs have been accomplished reveals an intelligence and passion! This is a great album!

Best songs: “News”, “Applikation”, “Motor”, “U.P.S.”, “Druck”.

Rate: (8½).

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