E I L A N D – Eiland (CD Album – Wool-E Discs)

By Aug 17,2019

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Genre/Influences: Ambient, cinematographic.

Background/Info: E I L A N D is the meeting between Marcus Scheibmaier (synthesizers, keyboard & sequencer programming), Steve Slingeneyer (electronic & acoustic percussion, drum loops) and Bruno Coussée (voices, electric bass, all guitar treatments, mellotron, loops & additional percussion). They were asked to ‘explain their vision for a musical poem, a sonic tale of the Universe’. The self-titled work becomes part of wider concept including visual arts.

Content: There are 3 cuts featured on this album, which is more a kind of mini-album. From a very soundtrack/cinematographic debut to the shortest cut (cf. “Into The Realms Of Bodhicitta”), which has something ‘Buddhistic’-like and featuring deep-throat vocal effects to the last piece, which reminds me of early analogue synth experiments, this work is pretty versatile.  

+ + + : The last song (cf. “Beyond Mind And Matter: A Spirit Odyssey”) is for sure the project’s masterpiece for the sophisticated approach and impressive sound treatments. I like the deep bass sounds, but the global song makes me think of electronic pioneers. The already mentioned “Into The Realms Of Bodhicitta” is another attention grabber, which recovers the work with a mysterious touch.

– – – : This kind of album is part of a greater arty concept so it’s a pity to not get an idea about the different elements. I regret that there are no more tracks featured.

Conclusion: “Eiland” creates a perfect match with the “Belgian NeuMusik” concept and will ravish numerous lovers of ambient music.

Best songs: “Beyond Mind And Matter: A Spirit Odyssey”, “Into The Realms Of Bodhicitta”.

Rate: (7).


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