Droid Sector Decay – Posesión Satánica (Digital EP – Underground Industrial Records)

By Feb 12,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, experimental, EBM.

Background/Info: The Greek-American Droid Sector Decay is a pretty prolific formation, which has released numerous releases since 2009. “Posesión Satánica” was their latest release of 2017. Notice by the way this EP is also featured as a limited edition deluxe box set featuring a 7” vinyl, a tape and Two CD’s.

Content: The band claims on their Facebook-page ‘There are no boundaries…there are no limits… Welcome To Decay…Spread The Virus’. I think it’s fully representative for their state of mind and the sound they’re dealing with. This EP is much more electro & EBM orientated than its predecessor. The songs have been sung and are more into a dark and heavy, overwhelming EBM style. I also noticed some elements of horror symbolized by heavy screams.

+ + + : Droid Sector Decay doesn’t really deal with one specific music style. Every new release appears to be a sonic exorcism, which for “Posesión Satánica” is more reminding me  of EBM. The track “A Dark Deity Of Grotesque” even reminds me a bit of the rough and dark expression of Pouppée Fabrikk. The addition of vocals is a cool and essential bonus.

– – – : I’m missing some of the industrial elements from the previous EP while the EBM style could be more elaborated. I can’t get away from the feeling this band is missing a producer to bring their sound to a higher level. This is the kind of record I imagine being produced by Claus Larsen.

Conclusion: Don’t get me wrong, this is an interesting EP, but it feels a bit like there’s much more potential in this band than what came out in this EP.

Best songs: “A Dark deity Of Grotesque”.

Rate: (6½).




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