DrakenWerks – No Prisoners (CD Album – DrakenWerks)

By Sep 25,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, dark EBM.

DrakenWerksBackground/Info: DrakenWerks is a band based in South Wales and driven by S.P. Draken and assisted by the technical skills of Gregor Beyele (who has worked with famous bands like Reaper, Modulate, L’Âme Immortelle, Nachtmahr ao). “No Prisoners” is the first album I heard from this project and it features 15 songs. Notice by the way that the album got very enthusiastic reactions from Germany, even entering the legendary DAC for several weeks.

Content: I fully understand the enthusiasm from the German DJ’s (mainly active in the DAC-pool). DrakenWerks reveals a good-old dark-electro formula, which will possibly appeal to fans of Funker Vogt.

The songs are pretty punching and driven by some fast sequences and danceable beats. The vocals are quite typical as well, but a powerful and aggressive way of singing remains the best formula for this kind of sound. It injects this typical dark and zombie-like touch.

+ + + : DrakenWerks clearly avoids any innovation instead of holding onto the stereotypical dark-electro format. I fully enjoyed the more elaborated cuts featuring filtered sequences and a bit more variation in the global song structure. There are a few dancefloor ‘killers’ like “Get Down” and DrakenTron”.

– – – : “No Prisoners” sounds like the kind of album I’ve already heard a hundred times before so ‘no’ it doesn’t bring anything new to a stagnating music genre. Fifteen songs is quite a lot for an album without real diversity so this is for sure an aspect injecting certain monotony to the work.

Conclusion: If you’re tired of typical dark-electronic releases “No Prisoners” will quickly suck, but fanatic lovers of the genre, will for sure enjoy this work. It for sure is a promising band on the dark-electronic planet and that’s for sure the main point to keep in mind.

Best songs: Get Down”, “DrakenTron”, “Suck It Up M***er F***er”, “Death And Taxes”.

Rate: (7).

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