Distortion Six – Ferocious (CD Album – Ant-Zen)

By Jan 8,2019

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Genre/Influences: Power-noise, industrial, electro-industrial.

Background/Info: Operating from the Norwegian capital, Nichlas Shermann strikes back with his fourth full length album (the second one on Ant-Zen). One year after “Fierce” he moves on exploring the limits of sonic power.

Content: “Ferocious” indeed is a pure sonic bomb, which clearly sounds inspired by some pioneers in the genre. The progression of the tracks is quite interesting to analyze. “Ferocious” takes off with a Dive-like electro-industrial cut and progressively moves towards harder and merciless sonic areas. The tracks become harder and harder and finally reach the ultimate degree of power-noise. The hard-droning beats also have something techno-like, which is an interesting approach to incite different audiences to dance. The work also features a few passages with completely manipulated and distorted vocals.

+ + + : Distortion Six stands for unpolished and rough power-noise. “Ferocious” is the right title to define the content of this hard-banging opus. But the album is much more than simply power; there are several great, unpolished sound treatments. The tracklist is interesting for the progressive power cuts.

– – – : I’m maybe not that ‘hardcore’ and that’s why I regret there are no more songs in the vein of “Down (Kudari)” revealing a more electro-industrial approach.

Conclusion: “Ferocious” stands for pure power-noise, but also appeal for open-minded techno freaks in search of new sensations.

Best songs: “Multiple Kings (Spears)”, “Down (Kudari)”, “Crushing”, “Skin”.

Rate: (7½).


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