Disharmony – Resonance (Album – Aliens Production)

By Jun 3,2021

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Genre/Influences: Ambient-Electro, IDM, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD, Cassette.

Background/Info: Disharmony has released its first new album in five years. The Slovakian project driven by Aliens Production label owner ‘Ryby’ and Robert Gajdos (Headdreamer) have been inspired by a rather dystopian vision of our world resulting in twelve songs.

Content: Disharmony always has been a project with a very sound approach and the new work doesn’t change this approach. The songs are still driven by sophisticated Electronics, mixing poignant ambient atmospheres together with a touch of Experimentalism, but also daring to revisit the dark-Electro genre at “Reborn”, which could have been a song written by :Wumpscut:. The album features instrumental songs while other cuts feature vocals. One of the songs (cf. “I’ll find The Way”) is featuring vocals by Human Vault. Two songs from the album (cf. “Polyspace” and “Reborn”) were previously released on EP’s preceding this new full length.

+ + + : Disharmony remains a true sonic experience for all lovers of sophisticated and intelligent Electronic music. The band in a way is a true ambassador for the label’s sound. This album sounds more diversified than former productions and that’s a rather good thing, revealing a formation that doesn’t want to repeat itself although holding on the basis of its original sound. Disharmony appears to be a sonic process that evolves and explores new ideas. From refined and subtle arrangements featured at “Loopers” to the already familiar, great Dark-Electro piece “Reborn” to the dreamy “Polyspace” this band reveals using an impressive sonic canvas. Another track I want to mention is “Till The End” for the duality running through the song; at one side there’s a harsh Industrial input while at the other side you’ll notice subtle, bleeping sequences.

– – – : I was not convinced by the opening, intro-like cut, the short instrumental ‘intermezzo’ “Mantra” and the last track.

Conclusion: Disharmony is back, reminding us that composing music is the result of a creative process where the musicians have to be constantly open to explore and experience new ideas.

Best songs: “Loopers”, “Reborn”, “Polyspace”, “Till The End”.

Rate: (8).


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