Art Noir – Poems Of An Extinct Species (Album – Aenaos Records)

By Jun 3,2021

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Genre/Influences:  Cinematographic, Wave-Pop, Dark-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This new album by Art Noir is the first one in twelve years. This German formation, driven by Jan Weber (previously involved with Impressions Of Winter) and Nadine Stelzer, released a few productions between 2002 and 2009. It took several years to achieve this album because Jan got diagnosed with a severe neurodegenerative disease (ALS). The album however deals with a totally different subject, which has been summarized in the album’s title.

Content: This opus is a way to rediscover Art Noir, which takes off with a kind of Ambient-like ballad featuring the angelic vocals of Nadine Stelzer. Jan Weber is a film composer, which is an element that comes through in several instrumental songs. The main part of the work however sounds different, like exploring Dark-Wave/Pop territories. The songs are filled with melancholic moods while driven by rather bombastic drums. Other passages are more sensitive and accomplished by subtle arrangements. Art Noir is mixing different ideas together while the heavenly female vocals are elevating the global production. The album features 9 songs plus 1 remix.

+ + + : This album is a varied production; a true sonic fusion between different genres resulting into a cohesive and beautiful work. The composition is well-crafted and accomplished with great sound treatments like deep bass lines and resonating tones. The angelic vocals inject a graceful and magic touch on top of the work.

– – – : All songs are elaborate and pretty long in duration, but I can’t say it’s a real point. There are many noticeable songs, but maybe missing that an absolute hit.

Conclusion: This work is a styled come back for Art Noir; a fully enjoyable and accomplished opus.

Best songs: “Pleasure And Pain”, “All they Left Behind”, “Moving Sky – Wasted Life Remix”, “Thorns And Lilies”.

Rate: (7½).




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