DioXide – Specular Mirrors (CD Album – Space Race Records)

By Apr 29,2016

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Genre/Influences: IDM, minimal-electro.

DioxideBackground/Info: Dio<X>ide is a brand-new Italian project set up by 2 veterans of the scene. This is the meeting between Andrew Lagowski and Andrea Belluci. Lagowski got involved in numerous projects and collaboration works while Andrea Bellucci got some fame and recognition with Red Sector A. Both artists joined hands to accomplish their first album under the Dio<X>ide moniker.

Content: We are used to Space Race Records familiarizing us with electro-pop and body-pop driven releases, but this one is totally different and surprising. Both artists are known for their passion to decompose and recompose sounds and noises, but they also have this intelligence to compose sophisticated and deeply artistic creations.

“Specular Mirrors” reflects this fine taste for refined writing and the taste for genius sound treatments. The work is filled with fine bleeps, deep blasts, raw sound sequences, dubstep ingredients and slow rhythms. It all together creates a pure sound chemistry, which will appeal for lovers of visionary electronic music.

+ + + : This album is mainly characterized by great sound creations and a perfect balance between the different sources of inspiration. “Specular Mirrors” is the kind of album you have to listen several times and each time again you’ll notice new details. The instrumental format of the work doesn’t really suffer from the total absence of vocals.

– – – : This is a production you may want to avoid if you’re a die-hard freak of a specific electronic genre like EBM, dark-electro, industrial etc. I can imagine fans of Space Race Records and EK Product will be surprised to discover this kind of sound.

Conclusion: Respect to Space Race Records, which enlarges their music horizon by signing a band like Dio<X>ide. This is a great and intelligent piece of avant-garde electronic music, which confirms the statement that wisdom comes with the age.

Best songs: “Biogenesi”, “Segments Of Life”, “No Hidden Places”, “Karmakon”, “Crystal Device”.

Rate: (8½). / / /



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