Die Form – Psychic Poison (CD EP – Trisol)

By Apr 3,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, experimental, minimal-electronics.

Background/Info: I realized that this year Die Form will  celebrate its 40 years of existence! “Psychic Poison” is not an anniversary EP, but announced as the start of a new era. Philippe Fichot and Éliane P. joined Trisol after a few years of silence. “Psychic Poison” marks the return of the French electro-fetish duo with a new EP.

Content: The sound formula of Die Form hasn’t really changed. It remains driven by bombastic, danceable beats and the typical and somewhat experimental sound treatments of Philippe Fichot. The chorus is more carrying and revealing the transcendental vocals of Éliane P.

The title song has been featured in 4 different mixes while we also get a kind of B-side track.

+ + + : Die Form is back and that’s for sure great news. The new stuff remains in the purest tradition of the band and is mainly excelling during the chorus. The great and charismatic female vocals are in perfect harmony with the melody line. The dark atmosphere recovering the work remains intriguing and is only accentuated by the fetish image of the band.

– – – : I’m glad Die Form is back, but I can’t really say this is their best exposure to date. There’s not as much diversity in the different mixes of the title song while the B-side cut is nothing more than… a B-side track. I already heard more inspired songs from this genius band.

Conclusion: No doubt about it “Psychic Poison” remains a typical Die Form song, but I have some doubts it will enter into history as one of their biggest hits.

Best songs: “Psychic Poison – Night Fever”.

Rate: (6½)

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