Deutsche Bank – Transmission (CD Album – Electro Shock Records)

By Oct 7,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop. 

Background/Info: Despite of the band name, Deutsche Bank is a Swedish project driven by Mats From. The album “Autopop” released in 2016 was a successful debut for this artist inspired by the robotic-pop music of Kraftwerk. This album features ten songs, which have been nearly all previously released on their debut album and EP’s. The main difference is that the songs have been remastered. Notice by the way Deutsche Bank is part of the Swedish Plonk. 

Content: Deutsche Bank is pure ‘Kraftwerk-musik’. Mats From doesn’t really hide his main source of inspiration and is a real great copyists. The songs are produced by these typical robotic effects, which you’ll find back in the vocoded vocals, but still in the typical bleeping sequences. Deutsche Bank reminds me to Metroland, both bands being for sure some of the most talented pupils from the ‘Kraftwerk-class’. 

+ + + : There’s only one single Kraftwerk and no artist has been able to excel above the genius of the German pioneers. But Deutsche Bank clearly sounds like a talented copyist. The songs have been well-crafted, revealing sophisticated sound treatments and danceable rhythms. Songs such as “Cuber Mensch” and “Transmission (Extended Mix)” both are great exposures of this project’s potential. The songs are carried by solid bass lines and magic bleeps plus astral sweeps and atmospheres. 

– – – : I can’t remember to have heard the songs “Zero Gravity” and “Grand Unified Theory”, which aren’t the best exponents from Deutsche Bank’s potential. The main regret is that this work doesn’t really bring that much new although I have to admit the remastered work sounds professional. 

Conclusion: The impact of Kraftwerk is more alive than ever before and Deutsche Bank definitely sounds as one of the most promising emulation in the style. 

Best songs: “Cuber Mensch”, “Transmission – Extended Mix”, “Neurotransmitter”, “92001”, “Keio Line”. 

Rate: (8).


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