Cervello Elettronico – Top Ded Ctr (CD Album – Hands)

By Oct 8,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, IDM. 

Background/Info: David Christian set up Cervello Elettronico in 2001. The American sonic project rapidly became one of the most visionary and innovative ones from the industrial scene. The enigmatic entitled “Top Ded Ctr” is the sixth official solo-work of Cervello Elettronico. 

Content: “Top Ded Ctr” is a work that has been seriously contaminated by the techno virus while holding on the industrial roots of the artist. But it’s not just an industrial-techno fusion, but also a work featuring transcendental passages, icy sound treatments and a real raw production. The work features 14 cuts and especially the last one (cf. “Nowhere Fast”) is really surprising. This is a mix between subtle IDM, dark tones and a real sexy sphere plus cadence. 

+ + + : The visionary side of the artist has no longer the same magic, but it remains a great, danceable experience. This is a judicious fusion between intelligent industrial, icy sound treatments and hypnotic techno beats. Cervello Elettronico is one of the few artists to deal with such a subtle merge between both music styles. And here again David Christian takes his fans by surprise, having accomplished little sonic jewels as “Mind Mechanism” and “Controlling Systems”. I already mentioned the astounding “Nowhere Fast”, which tends to prove that industrial music can be sensual as well. 

– – – : I can’t say that this work has minus points or forgettable songs; it’s just that Cervello Elettronico’s sound formula became quite familiar after all these years and that the original magic is a bit gone. 

Conclusion: This is for sure one of the albums to look for this year. Cervello Elettronico can be easily considered as one of the Godfathers of the post-industrial times. 

Best songs: “Mind Mechanism”, “Controlling Systems”, “Nowhere Fast”, “Resist”, “The Report”, “Drop Off”. 

Rate: (8).

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