Boytronic – The Robot Treatment (CD Album – Wuff Records)

By Oct 7,2019

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Genre/Influences: Synth-pop, Italo-disco. 

Background/Info: Boytronic has been active since the early 80s, but went through several line-up changes. “The Robot Treatment” marks the return of original singer and core member Holger Wobker while the singer who replaced him, James Knights (Scarlet Soho, Knights) is now writing the songs.   

Content: This album has this good-old synth-pop feeling on, which you’ll easily recognize Wobker’s timbre of voice. The music sounds retro-like while giving you a ‘feel-good’ sensation. It’s a happy sound format reminding me of Pet Shop Boys, but there is still a touch of Italo-disco running through the songs. The album features 11 songs plus 3 remixes by Antoni Maiovvi, Leather Strip and Ant-People. 

+ + + : This album reflects the essence of good, danceable and happy-like electro-pop music, but still a strong Italo-disco flavor. That’s not really a coincidence as James Knights on his Knights project already experimented with similar influences. But Boytronic remains catchier, which is an aspect that mainly comes through in the choruses and the lyrics as well. “All You Can Eat” is a real great Italo-disco song. I also noticed great little details in the writing and cool effects.

– – – : “The Robot Treatments” features several danceable songs, but also a few soft and evasive passages, which aren’t my favorite parts of the album. The remixes aren’t that bad, but I expected a bit more from it. 

Conclusion: Boytronic strikes back with a very eclectic electro-pop album, which will give you dance pleasure and simply making people happy. This album is a better cure than antidepressants. 

Best songs: “All You Can Eat”, “Under The Red”, “Venus Covers Mars”, “You Can’t Get Fooled By Love”, “Can’t Wait A Second”.

Rate: (7½). 

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