Dead Melodies – The Foundations Of Ruin (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Jul 22,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, soundscape, cinematographic.

Background/Info: This is the fourth studio album for Tom Moore aka Dead Melodies. It also is his second opus released on Cryo Chamber while he also got featured at the “Tomb Of Druids”-compilation.

Content: The new songs reveal an interesting twist between usual and essential influences of dark-ambient music and a kind of folk/neo-classic input featured by acoustic guitar, piano and cello sounds. It creates a cinematographic aspect for an imaginary dark- or horror movie. The ‘classical’ passages are lost in a truly sonic mayhem from which are emerging monstrous electro blasts. Especially the last songs have been accentuated by this surprising ‘classical’ touch.

+ + + : I like the diversity of the work mixing traditional dark-ambient and soundscape elements with a kind of neo-classic approach. It brings some authenticity to the work and it’s definitely a sound formula that makes sense for accentuating        a truly artistic writing. It also creates a dark reverie, which is perfectly fitting for cinema purposes. The global atmosphere is not only horror-like, but also reflecting feelings of solitude and sorrow.

– – – : Don’t get me wrong, this a real cool opus, but I’m just missing a total climax to speak about a truly successful work.

Conclusion: Dead Melodies has realized on “The Foundations Of Ruin” a kind of imaginary ambient requiem or horror-chamber music for lonely souls.

Best songs: “The Collector’s Harvest”, “Remnants Of The Missing”, “Eternal Veil”, “Entangled In Mortar”.

Rate: (8).




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