DD Sanchez – StRaNgE (Album – DancedelicD)

By Jan 28,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Rock, Cinematographic, Experimental.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “StRaNgE” is the second collaboration between Belgian Dirk Da Davo (Neon Judgement, Neon Electronics) and Mexican bass player Sanchez (El Caballo). After a first EP entitled “Z” they now strike back with a kind of mini-album featuring eight songs. It seems that the restrictions in the artistic life due to Covid-19 incited both protagonists –who recorded the album in Mexico, to meet again.

Content: “StRaNgE” sounds like the meeting between different influences and different worlds. It’s fully represented in the duality between electronic arrangements carried by typical rhythms reminding me of the trademark of Dirk Da Davo at one side and the particular, somewhat Country/Funky guitar playing at the other side. On top of it all you get a deep, vibrating bass play. Two worlds are joining hands to create an entertaining and evasive music style, which even revisited “People Are Strange” from The Doors in a totally new style.

+ + + : Sometimes Experimental, but always accessible, this duo is really surprising. Since the end of The Neon Judgement, Dirk Da Davo seems to be composing very different kinds of music. You can feel that he’s enjoying his work, exploring new paths and sometimes having fun with a good friend –referring to the EP together with Jean-Marie Aerts. DD Sanchez brings music to dance and to dream; music that creates to me the sensation of watching a road movie. It sounds like freedom… artistic freedom, but in the end I simply enjoy the ride! Songs like “When Strangers Pass By” and “Shine The Light” both reveal the true potential of this project.

– – – : Some of the songs are pretty similar, but globally speaking you don’t hear me complaining.

Conclusion: Dirk Da Davo is clearly taking some distance with his past although you will easily recognize some sounds and arrangements that will remind you of The Neon Judgement. This is the kind of work getting people happy.

Best songs: “Shine The Light”, “When Strangers Pass By”, “How Strange Can You Get”.

Rate: (7½).


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