Julia Bondar – Industrial Symphony (Album – Production)

By Jan 28,2021

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Genre/Influences: Minimal EBM, Dark-Techno.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Established in Barcelona (Spain) this Ukrainian female artist has already released several albums and EP’s. She’s also running Production, which is the perfect platform to release her work. “Industrial Symphony” was released in 2020 and features seven songs. The album has been mixed by Gaël Loison from Maman Küsters for, which Julia sung a song on their last album “L’Extase De La Terreur”.

Content: Julia Bondar defines her sound as ‘modular techno’, which mainly indicates the approach of her work. The magic of analogue synthesizers are rapidly coming through, creating an icy feeling. The tracks are driven by slow Techno kicks mixed with Julia’s sensual timbre of voice –which is sung a whispering way. There’s also a rather experimental approach, which you’ll notice in the impressive palette of noises running through the last part of the work. The very last track has something pretty ambient-driven, which has nothing to do with any Techno format.

+ + + : More and more artists are getting back to modular synths, creating something apart and unique. There’s magic running through this album and that’s not only because of the synths, but also the inhibited atmosphere created by the artist. Julia Bondar creates intelligent music and especially the 3 first tracks are simply brilliant for their danceable aspect and icy sound treatments.

– – – : Julia Bondar is not exactly the kind of artist easy to label. She’s composing somewhere in between EBM and Techno and that’s maybe not the most accessible sound although great for underground parties.

Conclusion: This work is divided between great, danceable cuts right in the opening part and a more Ambient approach in the final part. It however sounds like an album you have to discover!

Best songs: “Fire”, “Running With The Wolves”, “Strength In Softness”, “Power Of Presence”.

Rate: (8).

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