Corlyx welcomes Ben Langford-Bliss as live member on future shows

By Oct 7,2020

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Corlyx welcomes Ben Langford-Bliss as live member on future shows

Darkwave/post-punk artists Corlyx announce that Ben Langford-Bliss will be joining their live lineup. Langford-Bliss is known from his work as a guitarist and former founding member of the pop punk band As It Is, and his solo project Bleak Soul and he will make his debut in Corlyx starting with their performance in the Temple Festival live stream October 3rd and also the Cyber E.V.M. livestream festival October 9th.

Ben Langford-Bliss explains how he joined: “2020 was a year where I focused on myself and solo endeavors but I quickly realized how much I missed playing music in a room with other people. Corlyx are two of the most creative and incredible people I’ve met in Brighton and playing guitar for them has reaffirmed my love for playing alongside other musicians. They gave me the freedom to add my own flare to the songs in a live setting. Doing these live-streams felt like playing an actual show and the vibe between the 4 of us felt electric.”

Vocalist Caitlin Stokes of Corlyx explains further how BLB joined them: “Ben came in like an Angel, we got so lucky meeting him, we all just clicked right away even though we have very different musical backgrounds, it was so serendipitous really for me because as soon as we decided to go from a live Duo to a full live band I was a bit nervous about who could fit in and didn’t know what to expect..Oscar Behrens is already the drummer for Brandon’s other band The Dark so I knew he would smash it, but another guitarist I wasn’t sure what would happen… I couldn’t be more happy and honored to have found Ben, his attitude and aptitude exceeded all my expectations for a live member, along with his gorgeous Hollow Body Gretcsh, Ben’s addition has has taken Corlyx live sound to a new level absolutely.”

Corlyx released their new album “Together Apart” on September 15th via Negative Gain.

About Corlyx

Corlyx was formed in Los Angles in 2015 by singer songwriter Caitlin Stokes and producer/guitarist Brandon Ashley, also the front man for dark rock act The Dark. The duo released their first EP “One Of Us” the following year, then moved to Berlin Germany to work on their first full length album “Music 2F2”.

After the release Corlyx relocated to the UK, to work on their second studio Album “In2 The Skin” which was released on August 16th 2019.

For their 3rd album Corlyx signed with USA label Negative Gain.


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