First Aid 4 Souls returns with fresh EP ‘Dreambox’ – available for immediate download

By Oct 7,2020

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First Aid 4 Souls pays tribute to legendary subculture community on new album'Fire'

Hungarian artist István Gazdag aka First Aid 4 Souls got quite some applauses for his recent conceptual “Fire” album. The album showed much more melodic and orchestral compositions compared to the previous harsh and dark EBM album “Keep This World Empty”.

On the album István Gazdag worked with such singers as Ultranoire’s Josef Stapel, Black Nail Cabaret’s dark pop frontwoman Emke or yet Vic Willow. Out now, is the “Dreambox” EP offering alternative versions of the album’s two favorite songs that are “Das Messer” and “Dreambox” again featuring said singers of course. The reworks range from retro electro new wave versions to bombastic orchestral remakes.

But next to the aforementioned songs you also get new versions of a few more album songs (“Burn”, “Freedom” and “Ordinary Demonism”). The EP holds 14 (!) tracks with most tracks being over 120 BPM up to 170 BPM. As an extra you get the exclusive and previously unreleased collaboration with Nick Sonick of Wet Lips on “Bring Back Armageddon”.

Enjoy this very club friendly release below, via download on Bandcamp or via Spotify.

And for those who prefer Spotify:


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