Bvdub – Epilogues For The End Of The Sky (CD Album – Glacial Movements)

By Aug 31,2017

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Genre/Influences: Ambient

Background/Info: Brock Van Wey aka Bvdub is back on track unleashing a new opus in addition to his endless discography. American producer and DJ is already involved for numerous years and is familiar with different genres like deep-house, d’n’b, ambient…

Content: This album totally fits to the ambient format of Glacial Movements. The evasive atmospheres of this opus have something elevating. You slowly feel like you are joining a higher dimension, something astral and a bit into meditation. The compositions are made with delicacy and refined sound treatments.

+ + + : Bvdub in a way reminds us the essence of ambient music. This work is an antidote to the dark-ambient productions I’m familiar with. Music becomes a caress, which is delicately touching your soul. The wafting sensation of the music brings you into a total state of prosperity. I enjoyed the gracefulness of the work symbolized by fine, crystalline sound sculptures and space-like ambiences. The music has a strong visual appeal, which could be the right soundtrack for a movie and/or documentary.

– – – : My reviews are more devoted to dark-ambient productions so this album is entirely to the contrary.

Conclusion: “Epilogues For The End Of The Sky” is what I would simply call a beautiful album. It makes people feeling more relaxed and peaceful in their body and their soul.

Best songs: “Footsteps Fade If Not Your Pain”, “Sparkling Legions Turn To Black”, “Your Painted Armor Aches To Crack”.

Rate: (7).

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