Bio-Mechanical Degeneration – Warbeats (CD Album – Advoxya Records)

By Dec 13,2016

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro.

Bio Mechanical DegenerationBackground/Info: Behind Bio-Mechanical Degeneration hides Vincent Pujol (ESR) and Tommy T. Rapisardi (Diverje) plus guest musician Tcheleskov Ivanovitch (Grandchaos, Grand O Signal). The duo Pujol – Rapisardi already released a somewhat forgotten debut album “Exoskelton” in 2005 on Tommy T’s own label DSBP. Vincent Pujol also joined Diverje so both musicians know each other for quite a long time now. “Warbeats” is a comeback album released on Advoxya Records featuring 13 songs plus 2 remixes.

Content: “Warbeats” is clearly into sophisticated EBM. The composition is elaborated and accomplished with great sound sculptures and numerous sound effects and other crashing percussion. The songs are carried by icy synth treatments and Tommy T’s zombie-like timbre of voice.

The elaboration and global approach reminds me of a mix of Frontline Assembly (which remains an important source of inspiration in the work of Vincent Pujol) and Vomito Negro.

Both remixes are interesting as is consists of two tracks that were originally released on their debut album.

+ + + : “Warbeats” is a fully accomplished dark-body music opus revealing amazing sound treatments like deep bass lines, icy sound effects and somewhat industrial like percussions. It’s an elaborate composition, and according to me one of the best productions ever accomplished by this duo. This is not the typical EBM format, but an intelligent songwriting that reveals a passion for sound creation. There’s an efficient twist between danceable vibes and haunting atmospheres. The album reveals several brilliant songs.

– – – : It’s not always that easy to differentiate verses from choruses. The writing is dense and all the layers and structure sometimes feel a bit like melting together, but you don’t hear me complain!

Conclusion: “Warbeats” definitely belongs to this restricted number of absolute ‘best of’ EBM-albums of 2016. I hope this duo will not make us wait  a decennium to unleash a new album.

Best songs: “Invisible Threat”, “Victory”, “Outbreak”, “Lies For Answers”, “They’re Coming”.

Rate: (8½).

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