Degenerated Sequences – Degenerated Sequences (CD Album – Advoxya Records)

By Dec 13,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Degenerated SequencesBackground/Info: Behind this new formation is hiding PreEmptive Strike.01 keyboardist Yiannis Dseq. The band got introduced to Advoxya Records by his Greek compatriot of Nano Infact and immediately got signed. The self-entitled debut work was already released a few months ago now and features 11 songs that were composed over different periods and years.

Content: Degenerated Sequences totally fits to the dark-electronic taste of Advoxya Records. The influences are clearly into the typical dark electro spirit, but I will avoid making comparisons with other bands. The sound and arrangements are familiar in style, but different in production. The songs have been meticulously built up with multiple effects resulting in a sophisticated production featuring subtle sound treatments. You sometimes get a mix between vintage synth sounds and refreshing bleeps. I also noticed some (sampled) guitar riffs injecting some extra power.

The link with PreEmptive Strike.01 is noticeable on “Time Machine” featuring Jim The Blaster (front man of PreEmptive Strike.01).

+ + + : “Degenerated Sequences” is not a stereotypical album dealing with dark-electronics. I like the global approach, which is based on sound intelligence and sophisticated writing. You can feel that this album was composed with passion and patience and that’s a rather appreciable way of working compared to most of the bands in the genre confounding quantity and quality.

– – – : Despite of this accomplished production I’m not sure it’s the most accessible production in the genre. The album is maybe missing a real hit to stir up curiosity and fascination for this band.

Conclusion: Degenerated Sequences confirm the fine taste of Advoxya Records for dark-electronic talents and Greece as prolific ground for great electro-underground formations.

Best songs: “Transcendental Synthesis”, “The King Of Fool (Fuck You)”, “Existence In Violence”.

Rate: (7½).


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