Basszilla – Support Your Local Apocalypse Dealer (Album – darkTunes Music Group)

By Oct 7,2020

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Genre/Influences: Techno, Rave, Industrial, Dance.

Format: Digital, 2 CD.

Background/Info: Behind Basszilla is hiding Ext!ze front man ‘Cyb3rella’. After having released a few EP’s we now get the debut full length of Basszilla, which is also available as a double album featuring twenty songs.

Content: I didn’t know who was hiding behind this project during the listening. But I immediately heard a strong 90s techno/rave influence while some ‘darker’ passages made me think to Ext!ze. The Ext!ze touch and global approach –especially with the techno influences, is easily noticeable although this project moves a step further… of a step back into the past. Basszilla is driven by solid bass lines, but the sound is filled with endless 90s techno elements and effects. This is pure vintage and also reminiscent of the early years of Lords Of Acid. The vocals are often pitched, which reminds me of Brooklyn Bounce. Some cuts are indeed a bit harsher and darker, but it all remains driven by the same old retro-style.

+ + + : This kind of album is a challenge and I always like challenges; they’re made to make thing evolving! What I like in this work is some of the bass lines, but especially at the harder parts of the work. I’ve to admit this kind of project is not totally my cup of tea, but there’s something to say about songs like “God Of Bass” and “Bells Of Kaoss”. On the second disc I especially recommend “The Vampire Of Heidelberg” and “Bass Monster”.

– – – : There was great techno/dance music in the 90s, but this kind of retro-style mixed with some extra dark elements doesn’t really convince me. It’s fun, but outdated! The main point is that the production features too much of these elements.

Conclusion: Ext!ze is great, but Basszilla is just fun for retro techno lovers.

Best songs: “God Of Bass”, “Bells Of Kaoss, “The Vampire Of Heidelberg” and “Bass Monster”.

Rate: (6).

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