Barst – Re: Cycles – Final Chapter Of The First Movement (Vinyl Album – Consouling Sounds)

By Aug 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental.

Background/Info: Bart Desmet better known as Barst is now active for a couple of years and has released several interesting productions. 

Content: Barst seems to experiment with new sonic elements on each new production. The dark and industrial sound remains the basis of the work, but each time again there’s something different and even surprising. This work featuring 4 cuts is dominated by heavy, industrial guitar, but evolves towards a kind of post/apocalyptic rock when adding some vocal lines. The songs have been progressively built up until reaching their ultimate state of explosion. 

+ + + : Barst songs are progressively built up. The guitar playing is absolutely impressive, creating a harsh industrial sensation while repetitive drum sections and spooky vocals are joining in. It creates a kind of industrial ‘big bang’ finding its apotheosis at “I Die – Live Long” and “Mad – Total Recall: Roadkill”. But the main strength of Barst is the very unique sound approach!

– – – : The single song that couldn’t totally convince me also is the longest one (cf. “The Fields: Final Chapter /Valhaal”), which doesn’t really end into a climax. I would have liked to get more songs!

Conclusion: Barst simply confirms to be one of the most creative and I even dare to say ‘visionary’ artists from the contemporary industrial/rock/drone scene.

Best songs: “I Die – Live Long”, “Mad – Total Recall: Roadkill”.

Rate: (8).


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