Fear Falls Burning – Function Collapse (Vinyl Album – Consouling Sounds)

By Aug 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: Abstract, psychedelic, experimental.

Background/Info: Active since 2005 under the Fear Falls Burning moniker, Belgian artist and veteran Dirk Serries (in a previous artistic life active as Vidna Obmana) strikes back with the help of Tim Bertilsson on drums and Colin Webster on tenor saxophone, with this vinyl release featuring two long duration cuts. 

Content: The sound universe of this work is mainly characterized by a kind of ‘free’ expression and play. Dirk Serries manipulates guitar sounds in a mix of psychedelia and darkness. It’s a somewhat bombastic sound, which has been joined by sax and drum sections. The tracks are moving progressively reaching a sonic zenith, which mainly comes through on the second cut.

+ + + : The abstract- and psychedelic sound universe of this album has something mind-boggling, but fascinating at the same time. The sound is rather dark and spiced with bombastic passages and yet it has something relaxing, like a new form of meditation. It also has something totally improvised, but here again the musicians found certain harmony between their instruments or should I say the effects and noises created by their instruments. “Function Collapse” could be the right soundtrack for an abstract movie.

– – – : The experimental side of the work will be the hardest challenge for listeners to get conquered by this sound. This is the kind of record I mainly recommend for experienced fans in the music genre.

Conclusion: If I’d to compare the music of Fear Falls Burning to a film director, it could be David Lynch. It’s hard to seize the plot, but it remains fascinating from start to finish.

Best songs: “II”.

Rate: (7).


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