Barst – The Endeavour (CD Album – Consouling Sounds)

By Sep 8,2018

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, apocalyptic-rock, experimental.

Background/Info: Bart Desmet aka Barst is back on track unleashing his newest album “The Endeavour”. The Belgian artist got the help of several guest artists such as Niels Brown (Vonnis), Gregory Simons (Vonnis, Arise Fair Sun), Messy Mathi, Mathlovsky, Tokyo Oyo, William Lacalmontie (OVTRENOIR) and Mike Armine (Rosetta).

Content: The work of Barst remains a fascinating experience and a truly sonic exploration covering different influences. From an experimental new-wave like soundtrack to heavier industrial passages to pure apocalyptic-rock, “The Endeavour” progressively becomes a truly sonic enigma. Electronics and guitar, but also passages featuring violin, piano and drums are coming together in a dark-harmonious creation with male- and female vocals on top.

+ + + : Barst is a project, which is nearly impossible to label. It reveals an original sound approach, which I’ve always liked. Barst deals with a very personal sound perception as a wink to different music styles. The work is very eclectic and that’s probably also because of the numerous guest artists. This way Bart Desmet became a kind of visionary choir master. The production of the different vocalists also is a noticeable aspect of the album. Most of the vocals feel a bit like compressed, becoming an extra element next to the music. It also creates a ghost-like effect on several songs.

– – – : There’s an interesting progression in the tracklist, but the last track unfortunately doesn’t bring the expected apotheosis. I would not have placed this song to end the album.

Conclusion: Barst is a kind of sound alien covering dark influences and mostly labeled among industrial- and experimental artists. “The Endeavour” however proves it first of all remains a very atypical, but mesmerizing sound trip.

Best songs: “Point B”, “The Mad”, “Beyond The Fields”.

Rate: (7½).


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