Autopsia – The Day Of Great Judgement (Album – Autopsia)

By Jun 29,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Industrial, Neo-Classic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Autopsia saw the daylight at the end of the 70s, but this Industrial pioneer remains very prolific. This new work has been accomplished together with Dämmerung Orchestra. Both projects already worked together, last year releasing the album “Innenräume”. This new work features four tracks.

Content: The main sound ingredients Autopsia has used to deal with are easily recognizable on the new work. It remains a sonic fusion between bombastic/orchestral Cinematographic music accomplished with Industrial sound treatments. The composition has been achieved with explicit Neo-Classic elements. The tracks are elaborated and pretty extended, the final cut holding us in its grip for more than 20 minutes. It also sounds like the most explicit Industrial cuts from the album.

+ + + : Autopsia remains a very unique sound experience; a sonic fusion between different influences, which aren’t totally related with each other. Autopsia remains a true creative project, defying the limits of Industrial music and never being part of a so-called ‘establishment’. Music is expressive and this work brings an overwhelming sound experience with a strong visual appeal. There’s something to say about all cuts, but I especially like “Righteous Man” and “The Last Prophet”. Both tracks sound as the ultimate fusion between all aforementioned influences.

– – – : I can’t say Autopsia innovates, but they remain very interesting.

Conclusion: If you like Industrial music with a retro approach and achieved with heavy orchestral arrangements, join “The Day Of Great Judgement”.

Best songs: “The Last Prophet”, “Righteous Man”.

Rate: (8).

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