156 / Knurl – Split (Album – Humanhood Recordings)

By Jun 29,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Noise.

Format: Digital, Cassette.

Background/Info: This work is a split-album between Adel Sauto (156) and Alan Bloor (Knurl). Both artists have been active for a while, but especially Canadian Alan Bloor who has released an impressive discography.

Content: Both artists each released a single, nearly 20 minute,  track. 156 deals with old-school Industrial music, which is mainly characterized by the numerous metallic sound treatments. The track is supported by a dense, obscure atmosphere creating an illusion of nearby danger. This track reminds me of Industrial music from the ’80, which remains the artist’s main source of inspiration.

Knurl deals with pure Noise. This track gives you the impression facing a true wall of sound, an overwhelming sonic ogre of harsh noises and buzzing sound waves. There’s less variation in the track, but some passages are clearly heavier than others.

+ + + : I really like the Industrial track by 156. “The Collapse Of It All – Pts I – III” is a composition reminding me of the real spirit of 80s Industrialists. I also enjoyed the progression of this cut, which during the final part is accentuated by a crescendo cadence. It gives you the feeling of a true transcendental apotheosis.

– – – : I was less inspired by the Knurl track, but I have to admit I never have been a huge lover of Noise. There also is a serious contract between both artists although both genres are clearly related.

Conclusion: This cassette reveals good-old Industrial music and pure Noise. I’m still addicted to the 80s Industrial scene and therefore clearly recommend discovering the sound universe of 156.

Best songs: 156:“The Collapse Of It All – Pts I – III”.

Rate: (7).

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