Autopsia – Die Werkstatt Vol.1 (Album – Autopsia)

By Jun 30,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Industrial, Neo-Classic.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: This new work by Autopsia was released one after “The Day Of Great Judgement”. It’s an album of four songs again featuring Dämmerung Orchestra. The album is meant as ‘Sacred Ceremonies & Ritual Music Of Late Capitalism’, which remains a favorite theme of Autopsia.

Content: The tracks feature a fusion between Industrial sound treatments and a strong Cinematographic approach. The main difference with the previous work is the accentuated Neo-Classic style. The work remains orchestral, carried by solid bombastic arrangements, but at the same time refined by more delicate Neo-Classic parts.The tracks are once more pretty elaborated, but especially the last cut is an epilogue of 18 minutes.

+ + + : Sound-wise there’s not that much difference with “The Day Of Great Judgement” and yet it sounds different. The visual strength of the work is more present and definitely accentuated by the Neo-Classic influence of the work. Together with the orchestral arrangements it creates a symbiotic element, which becomes irresistible at the last piece (cf. “Blessed Are The Dead, They May Rest From Their Labours, And Their Works Do Follow Them”). I also have to mention “In God We Trust”, which is a brilliant Cinematographic cut.

– – – : The work of Autopsia often needs different listening and that’s definitely true for this album. You need to discover this album in the right circumstance; just be relaxed and listen to the music and only the music. It brings this visual strength alive, which is essential to enjoy this work.

Conclusion: “Die Werkstatt Vol.1” definitely sounds as part of a greater artistic concept.

Best songs: “Blessed Are The Dead, They May Rest From Their Labours, And Their Works Do Follow Them”), “In God We Trust”.

Rate: (7).

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