Ascorbite – Macroscopic Framework (Vinyl Double Album – Corseque Records)

By May 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-techno.

Background/Info: Edgar Ariza aka Ascorbite is a Swedish producer based in Malmö and owner of Corseque Records (label to release his own material since 2014). After numerous EP’s “Macroscopic Framework” is the artist’s debut full length released as a double vinyl and featuring 10 songs.

Content: Ascorbite is clearly driven by heavy techno vibes. The tracks are carried by extremely heavy, pumping beats while icy sequences are regularly joining in. You’ll also notice some fragmented voices here and there.

+ + + : Ascorbite is clearly not producing the usual cheap techno music cliché, but this production has something dark- and terror like. The link with industrial music is not far away and I’m sure this is the kind of stuff that will set the industrial dancefloor on fire. “Second Range Of Vision” has something tormenting although it remains ultra-danceble stuff. I especially like the icy sequences and manipulated sound sequences injecting this ‘dark’ touch to the work while the devastating kicks will drive you mad.

– – – : The sound formula is quite repetitive so after a while the tracks are a bit predictable. Both last tracks can’t convince me at all.

Conclusion: There’s no longer a reason to doubt about the proximity between industrial- and techno music and if you’re still skeptical, just give this album a try and you’ll have to agree both genres are pretty close.

Best songs: “Second Range Of Vision”, “Unbleached”, “Disaffection”, “Devour Affliction”.

Rate: (7).

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