Argyre Planitia – Tenth Region Of The Night (Album – Winter-Light)

By Dec 11,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Stefan Voß hails from Hannover (Germany) and has already released several self-released productions plus a few more released by Petroglyph Music. He’s now back on track unleashing his newest work on Winter-Light. The work features seven songs.

Content: The title of this album appears to be a clear indication what the sound is all about. From the very first notes and atmospheres we feel like we are entering a desolate landscape under an eternal night sky. Stormy sounds sharp as the Northern wind creates a frozen ambiance. The composition is reinforced by echoing drones and low, buzzing sound waves. Field recordings and different kinds of sonic manipulations complete the work.

+ + + : The album takes off with the overwhelming “Hypnagogia”-piece, which brings the listener directly into the obscure sphere supporting this work. The tracks are meticulously crafted with a great arsenal of noises and field recordings, and also by deeply vibrating sounds. The work is progressively reaching its climax at “Phantasos” and the next track “Dreamcatcher”. The artist is reaching an ultimate state of sonic terror, like unknown evil forces awakening our imagination to visualize the unseen.

– – – : The last track is the single one that couldn’t totally convince me, but I can only say good things about this Dark-Ambient jewel.

Conclusion: Some Dark-Ambient productions sometimes can become enlightening! This album is an absolute must-have for lovers in the music genre.

Best songs: “Phantasos”, “Dreamcatcher, “Hypnagogia”, “Delta Waves”.

Rate: (8½).


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