Aquamarine Space Unicorns – Anartist (CD Album – Arkay Artists)

By Jul 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, experimental, IDM, down-tempo.

Background/Info: This project with a crazy name started in 2014 as a solo-project by Joyanna M. She later on met singer Lily Bell who joined in. “Anartist” is the newest album of the band featuring eleven songs.

Content: I’d never heard of this band before, which brings a delicate and subtle opus. The songs are driven by slow tempos. there’s a constant darkness recovering the composition, which often feels like a deeply, melancholic flavor. There’re several instrumental songs featured next to a few others with Lily Bell on vocals. The songs have been composed with electronics and also feature multiple guitar parts.

+ + + : It’s not that easy to define the sound of Aquamarine Space Unicorns, but some cuts remind me of Massive Attack, but with a much darker exposure. The composition is elaborated and resulting from a real creative process. I like the contrast running through a few pieces between the sensuality of the vocals and the pretty dark sound. The vocals aren’t only sensual, but sometimes also ghost-like. Songs such as “Anartist” and especially “Anymore” both are little sonic jewels.

– – – : I regret there are no more vocals featured at the work because they really add something extra –and even exotic when sung in French on “J’en Ai Marre”. I noticed a few explicit experimental passages (cf. “PTSD”), which can’t totally convince me.

Conclusion: This album a dark, but enlightening discovery; a beautiful piece of artistic grace mixed with melancholic spheres.

Best songs: “Anymore”, “Anartist”, “Late On The Eight”, “Again Begin”.

Rate: (8).




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