Anemone Tube, Jarl & Monocube – The Hunters In The Snow / A Contemplation On Pieter Breugel’s Series Of The Seasons (CD Album – The Epicurean)

By Aug 31,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, soudscape.

Background/Info: This album is a conceptual release featuring Anemone Tube (Germany), Jarl (Sweden) and Monocube (Ukrainian). The concept is based upon a series of paintings by Pieter Bruegel. In 1565 he painted a series of paintings dedicated to the months of the year. He broke the cycle of the year into six stages in six paintings, two months per painting, one of these paintings have been lost, five remain. The remaining paintings inspired the artists to compose five tracks names after the original name of the paintings.

Content: The work features two collaborative efforts between Anemone Tube and Jarl, one between Anemone Tube and Monocube, one featuring the three artists and another solo-cut by Anemone Tube. The compositions are mixing dark-ambient and soundscape passages featuring deep, blasting sounds, space-like bleeps, overwhelming sound waves and multiple little crispy noises and other rarities.

+ + + : Those artists have transposed the original painting of Brueghel into a nightmarish experience. The tracks are pretty visual, which is accentuated by the impressive sound treatments, which are mainly coming through in “The Gloomy Day” and “The Harvesters”. This is an intelligent and great artistic concept. I also have to say a word about the cool digipak featuring pictures from the original painting plus a booklet with a lot of information.

– – – : I can’t say there’s one bad song featured, but just a few passages –like during the final cut, which are maybe a bit too long in duration.

Conclusion: This is an interesting and really successful collaboration between three artists transposing the world of the great Pieter Bruegel into a horror vision.

Best songs: “The Gloomy Day”, “The Harvesters”, The Hay Harvest”.

Rate: (8).

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