V/A All My Sins Remembered – The Sonic World Of John Murphy (CD Album – The Epicurean)

By Aug 30,2019

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Genre/Influences: Neo-folk, chanson, industrial, dark-ambient, ritual.

Background/Info: This compilation was already released a few years ago, but lately promoted. And it’s a real special compilation featuring a tribute to John Murphy. Born in Australia and living in the UK he passed away in 2015. He left an impressive artistic legacy, being involved in great bands such as The Associates, SPK… working together with Death In June, Lustmord ao. “All My Sins Remembered” also is a charity project with all proceeds from the sales going to John’ widow. 

Artists: Of The Wand And The Moon, David E. Williams, Shining Vril, Nikolas Schreck, KnifeLadder, Blood Axis, Naevus, Foresta Di Ferro, Die Weisse Rose, Andrew King, Zeena Schreck, Last Dominion Lost.

Content: The list of contributors is mainly projects/artists John Murphy has been involved with. Several songs are live cuts featuring John Murphy, which makes this sampler really special. It’s a diversified list of artists and music genres, which also shows the eclecticism of the artist. From neo-folk to ritual to dark-ambient to industrial chanson and martial, this album is a remarkable summary of John Murphy’s involvement.

+ + + : The idea and concept is not just original, but a way to remember an influential artist who has been active for years in different although related music scenes. It clearly is an homage testified by numerous live songs. It also is a way to re-discover some great names such as Blood axis, KnifeLadder, Naevus, Of The Wand And The Moon, Last Dominion Lost. One of my personal favorite cuts is Knifeladder’s “Long March”. This album is a must have for the fans featuring rarities, but still a great arty box.

– – – : Like all compilations there’re always a few cuts which can’t fully convince, but you definitely have to be a fan of John Murphy and the different music styles he has been involved with to like this sampler.

Conclusion: Even heroes are not eternal, but their work will remain in the collective minds for years even after their loss.

Best bands: KnifeLadder, Blood Axis, Shining Vril, Zeena Schreck, David E. Williams.

Rate: (7½).

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