Ancestral Voices – Night Of Visions Remixed Part 1 & Remixed Part 2 (2 Digital EP – Samurai Horo)

By Nov 3,2016

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, tribal, industrial, ambient.

Ancestral Voices – Night Of Visions Remixed Part 1Background/Info: Last year Ancestral Voices unleashed its debut full length “Night Of Visions”, which was a very cool surprise and especially if you’re fond of intelligent and creative electronic formats. We here get 2 EP’s (both available on vinyl format as well) each featuring two remixes of songs that were originally released on the album.

Content: “Night Of Visions Remixed Part 1” takes off with a rather dark and repetitive remix of “Invocations” by Abdulla Rachim. There are some industrial elements emerging at the surface of this version. We next get a remix of “Feathered Serpent” by ASC & Sam KDC, which remains dark, but is mainly driven by some cool and low resonating experimental techno vibes.

“Night Of Visions Remixed Part 2” takes off an experimental way as well. “Sleepless Ritual” was remixed by sound architect Samuel Kerridge revealing impressive noise treatments. The best is yet to come with the remix of “Vine Of The Soul” by Pact Infernal. This is a dark and mysterious piece where industrial- and ambient music are joining forces.

+ + + : All the remixes add something different, but the common element remains the dark and experimental sound approach, which is originally created by Ancestral Voices. If you like great sound treatments and a high-tech sound production I can only, but recommend the remixes by Samuel Kerridge and especially Pact Infernal.

– – – : My only regret is that the tribal input from the album has been a bit lost.

Conclusion: Both EP’s are a very cool and fascinating continuation of the “Night Of Visions” full length. Both EP’s create an entity and that’s why you really have to get them both.

Best songs: “Vine Of The Soul – Pact Infernal Remix”, “Sleepless Ritual – Samule Kerridge Remix”.

Rate: (7½).


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