Alien Sex Fiend – Possessed (CD Album – Cherry Red)

By Nov 30,2018

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Genre/Influences: Industrial new-wave.

Background/Info: Set up in 1982 Alien Sex Fiend is a long-time living legend, but mainly remembered for their 80s period. The band never really stopped making music and even if “Possessed” is their first new studio album since “Death Trip” (2010) it doesn’t sound that long ago at all. This album is the last production with songs featuring guitarist Doc Milton who passed away in 2016. The work is also available as double vinyl.

Content: Alien Sex Fiend always has been a unique band with a very own sound. The influences have a bit evolved over the years, but you still can recognize the anarchistic sound approach mixing electronics and guitar. Most of the songs are driven by a hard kick. The album sounds pretty dark and also characterized by an industrial touch. Some songs however sound a bit more rock-space like and even flavored with some psychedelic touch. The last part of the album features a few cinematographic orientated tracks. These cuts are instrumentals, but you of course will still get Nik Fiend on vocals.

+ + + : You will either like or dislike this album, but one thing is for sure, Alien Sex Fiend remains a band with a very personal sound DNA. It’s the kind of band you immediately recognize. That’s the main strength from this group. But “Possessed” also reveals an interesting evolution towards darker and especially industrial sound fields. A touch of modernism has been injected and that’s pretty cool especially at the debut songs. “Shit’s Coming Down” and “It’s In My Blood” both are noticeable cuts.

– – – : I’m not a huge fan of the instrumental,  soundtrack-like songs revealing a totally different kind of music.

Conclusion: “Possessed” will probably not enter into history as Alien Sex Fiend’s opus magnum, but I really had some fun listening to this work.

Best songs: “It’s In My Blood”, “Shit’s Coming Down”, “Shit’s Coming Down – Monster Remix”, “Carcass”.

Rate: (7).


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