Ager Sonus – Mithra (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Jun 22,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark-cinematographic.

Background/Info: Thomas Langewehr became a very prolific artist since he set up Ager Sonus. One year after his excellent “Necropolis”-album he is already back on track unleashing his third official solo-full length, which is inspired by the legendary cult of Mithras. 

Content: The sonic universe of Ager Sonus hasn’t changed that much. “Mithra’s evokes the mystic sensation of ancient cultures and mythical cults. One of the Ager Sonus’ main characteristics is the use of authentic instruments, which clearly inject an intimate touch to the work. Piano keys sound like lost in an endless space while other neo-classic influences inject a melancholic feeling to the work. The last part of the album is absolutely impressive for the extra ghost-like feeling, but still for a kind of solemn sound creation.

+ + + : Ager Sonus has something unique lthough it clearly remains driven by dark-ambient and cinematographic influences. But there’s a delicate and intimate approach, which makes it different, like the creation of a real sound DNA. “Ritual” is an absolute masterpiece, and I also have to mention “Banished” for the addition of spooky, whispering voices.

– – – : Ager Sonus remains fascinating although the effect of surprise is a bit lost. You now know what you can listen to so in the end it becomes a little bit predictable. It’s not my favorite Ager Sonus work although both final tracks are masterpieces.

Conclusion: Mysticism from Ancient civilizations remains the artistic muse to the creation of Ager Sonus.

Best songs: “Ritual”, “Banished”, “Dawn”.

Rate: (7).





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