Aesthetic Perfection – Into The Black (CD Album – Close To Human Music)

By Jun 21,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-pop, EBM, dark-electro.

Background/Info: Daniel Graves and his creative exposure Aesthetic Perfection are back on track unleashing a new album, which the fans were waiting 4-5 years for.

Content: Is there a better way to open your album by featuring one of the Rammstein members? Richard Z. Kruspe has been invited to play guitar on “Gods & Gold”, which is a song also characterized by the charismatic and heavy vocals of Daniel Graves, which have been alternated by clear and softer passages. Aesthetic Perfection always has had something ‘schizophrenic’ in its sound; it’s a mix of different influences, which you can describe as the offspring between industrial-pop, EBM and dark-electro. Another important guest is Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg (Rotersand) while 4 songs feature ‘Jinxx’ (real name Jeremy Ferguson).

The songs reflect power and rage; furious and raw electronics with some pop arrangements on top.

+ + + : What I especially like in the work of Aesthetic Perfection is the originality. It’s not exactly about innovation, but a band with a proper sound mixing multiple influences. So in the end it’s nearly impossible to define, but it sounds powerful, enraged and accomplished with great sound treatments. There are some irresistible bass lines running through the album, but also brilliant, rough sequences and overwhelming leads. The guitar parts add some extra power to the work. There are several songs to mention, but I have a preference for “Saint Peter” where the sound treatments are just excelling.

– – – : I noticed a few songs, which couldn’t totally convince, especially the last one “Mourning Doves” with a more prominent guitar part..

Conclusion: If you never heard of Aesthetic Perfection before you might imagine hearing a hybrid between early Combichrist and IAMX. But in the end you’ll have to agree this is just Aesthetic Perfection and nothing else!

Best songs: “Saint Peter”, “Wickedness”, “No Boys Allowed”, “Echoes”.

Rate: (8).

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