Aegri Somnia – Nusquam (Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Feb 13,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Aegri Somnia is a solo-project driven by Croatian artist Jurica Santek. “Nusquam” is the artist’s third official album released on Cryo Chamber while he also contributed to the album “Tomb Of Druids”, which is a collaboration between different artists from the label. “Nusquam” has been released three years after the previous full length “Endtime Psalms” (2017).

Content: The new opus moves on where the previous one stopped. It brings a deeper exploration of dark sonorities, mixing Dark-Ambient and pure Cinematographic music together. This is for sure the main evolution from the previous work to this composition. The tracks are progressively built up bringing electronic treatments and field recordings together. The work is getting progressively darker and even menacing. 

+ + + : The sphere is dark and like every good thriller it becomes darker and darker. Overwhelming sound treatments and blasting sound creations have been mixed together while field recordings are injecting an extra atmospheric touch to the work. This album has a strong paranoiac sensation; it feels intimate and yet you get the impression there’s an invisible danger waiting behind the corner. I like the progression in the songwriting, which mainly comes through on “Corruption Incarnate” and “Archetype Of Fraud”. I also have to mention the suffocating “Doomocalypse”, which definitely sounds like one of the darkest and most tormented cuts.

– – – : The work is just missing an absolute climax; great songs, which have been progressively built up, but not reaching that ultimate point of cold sweat.

Conclusion: Aegri Somnia confirms all the potential illustrated at previous works and yet I get the feeling this band still has to release its opus magnum!

Best songs: “Corruption Incarnate”, “Archetype Of Fraud”, “Doomocalypse”, “Throne”.

Rate: (7½)




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