A.T.Mödell – Music Is For Fun, Motherfuckers! (Album – A.T.Mödell)

By Jul 25,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Cyber-Metal.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: It took approximately six years for the Spanish act A.T.Mödell to achieve their fifth studio album.

Content: The band already showed an interesting progression at their previous work (cf. “Epic Nightmares”), which they just confirmed by a more achieved and extremely powerful sound. I don’t want to compare this band to any other one, but they remind me a bit of the sonic violence created by Cubanate. They compose a kind of sonic mayhem driven by furious rhythms and an impressive sound canvas. The sound is harsh and merciless, which is fitting with the aggressive and possessed way of singing.

+ + + : A.T.Mödell is a sonic power bomb, but it also appears to be a ‘controlled chaos’. The songs have been accomplished with great sound treatments and especially the final part of the album reveals a succession of great tracks. They found the perfect balance between power and alluring Electronic treatments. There are several great songs featured, but I recommend listening to “Inflame Your Hate”, “An Open Wound That Oozes Something Black”, “Kissed And Killed” and “Fairytales Of Murder” as the main attention grabbers.

– – – : Some of the tracks right at the beginning of the album are a little bit hesitant, but it rapidly moves into a great Industrial work.

Conclusion: The album reflects the true spirit of this album, but it reveals a band with a growing maturity and huge potential!

Best songs: “Inflame Your Hate”, “An Open Wound That Oozes Something Black”, “Kissed And Killed”,  “Fairytales Of Murder”, “Mary vs. The Light”.

Rate: (8).

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