6th Circle – The Idle Construct (Album – Sonic Groove Experiments)

By Dec 26,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Based in Columbus, Ohio (USA), Matt Auxier has been involved with different bands and music styles. In 2017 he set up his solo-project 6th Circle as a move back to his early passion for EBM. “The Idle Construct” is his second album and the first one released on Sonic Groove Experiments.

Content: The opening cut is characterized by spooky vocals, but quite rapidly you indeed will notice the love of this musician for good-old EBM. The album sounds a bit like travelling back to the 80s; the origins of EBM. Most of the songs remind me of the early, dark EBM style of Frontline Assembly. The songs are danceable without becoming hard, but supported with a dark atmosphere evoking the icy 80s years of Electronic- and Wave music.

+ + + : This production is pure old-school like and even if it brings nothing new, it first of all stands for great EBM. There’s a right balance between the overwhelming, dark atmospheres and solid EBM bass lines. Icy bleeps and ghost-like vocals are achieving this retro-styled production. This work brings the true spirit of EBM to life  and that’s also because of the analogue-like effects and sound treatments. There’s something to say about nearly every single song, “Deviant” being my personal favorite one. This song reflects the raw sound approach of 6th Circle.

– – – : This is the kind of production deserving your attention so I hope this album will not fall into anonymity.

Conclusion: 6th Circle is a great surprise for all lovers of retro-EBM. This is an album I highly recommend although it’s not available in a physical format.

Best songs: “Deviant”, “Sanctuary”, “SAGW”, “Traces”, “Lost”.

Rate: (8).


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