Wolfhead59 – We Are Not OK (Album – D-Trash Records)

By Sep 15,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, hardcore, electro-punk.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Wolfhead59 is driven by the London (UK) based duo Agnes de la Barthe and J. de Vil.“We Are Not OK” is the band’s official debut album.

Content: If you’re a bit familiar with the D-Trash label roster you know what to expect! Wolfhead59 brings a furious mix of industrial and hardcore. Some tracks remind me of the imaginary hybrid between Ultraviolence and Ambassador21. The lyrics are pretty rudimentary, just a few words, which are mainly repeated by the sexy, but harsh singing Agnes de la Barthe. J. de Vil is also doing some back vocals. A very few cuts are a little less elaborated with some extra sounds and I even noticed a kind of tune running through “Girls”. The tracks are rather short, but full of energy.

+ + + : Wolfhead59 is a real nice surprise, but you definitely have to be experienced with this kind of stuff. The album sounds like having been composed by a sonic ogre, revisiting industrial music to create a harsh and perverted sound. The enraged, shouting vocals have something evil, which is matching with the music. This is industrial music composed by punks! The song “Napalm Disco” also is the right definition to get an idea what this band is all about. But the most noticeable song is for sure “Girls”, which sounds to me as a potential hit because of its simple tune adding a bonus to the song.

– – – : I don’t have real minus points here, but I think it would be interesting to get a few more songs with an extra tune or extra explicit, leading sequences.

Conclusion: Music can be hard and disturbing and yet giving you a great feeling! “We Are Not OK” is a funny contradiction for a successful debut album.

Best songs: “Girls”, “We Are Not OK”, “1711”, “Combat Yoga”.

Rate: (8).




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