Vestfalia’s Peace – Loneliness (CD Album – SDN Records)

By Dec 23,2017

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Genre/Influences: Ballad, rock, dark-wave.

Background/Info: Italian formation Vestfalia’s Peace is already busy for 20 years now. The line-up never changed although the band once split, but got reactivated and started experimenting with new ideas.

Content: “Loneliness” is an album reflecting evasive passages, which are still pretty ballad-like and cuts, which are more inspired by dark-wave and rock music. The songs have been mainly driven by guitar and acoustic guitar, but you also will notice electro arrangements. I sometimes get the impression of hearing a mix between REM and Chris Isaak.

+ + + : “Loneliness” is what I would call a ‘beautiful’ album. The songs have been well-crafted and especially the guitar play excels on different songs. It brings emotion to the album, which you’ll notice on songs like “A Sad Image” and “The Muse”. This is an opus filled with emotion and transposed into beautiful and reverie-like music. The music is a bit into melancholia although the choruses are more happy-like.

– – – : “Loneliness” is a beautiful work, inspired by famous bands, but missing little details to speak about a fully accomplished and successful work.

Conclusion: “Loneliness” sounds like a sonic voyage, getting you into a beautiful, imaginary place where your troubles seemed so far away…

Best songs: “A Sad Image”, “The Muse”, “Before The Storm”.

Rate: (6½).


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