V/A Tiptop Audio Records Various Artists 002 (Digital Album – Tiptop Audio Records)

By Jun 13,2016

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Genre/Influences: Techno, deep-house, techno-ambient, IDM.

Tiptop Audio Records Various Artists 002Background/Info: TipTop Audio Records is an American label based in California and set up in 2015. The label is part of Tiptop Audio, which is a company specialized in building modular synthesizers. There’s a real love and passion for synthesizer music here. This is the 2nd compilation released on Tiptop Audio Records.

Bands: Matt Lange, Scanner, Angle, Markus Fix, Hubot, Florian Meindl, John Tejada ao.

Content: This compilation features 13 bands, which are all connected by electronic music. The main difference consists of the different sources of inspiration the bands are dealing with. This sampler reveals an interesting mixture of different genres, which are moving from rather typical, but exciting deep-house tracks towards more sophisticated and elaborated intelligent electronics.

There also is an interesting and somewhat unexpected experimental flavor emerging from a few artists. It’s maybe not that wondering to see Scanner dealing with experimental electronics, but it’s surprising to find these great artists together with more explicit techno projects.

+ + + : The eclecticism of the bands and tracks creates an exciting twist between different genres. I was seduced by the IDM approach of Drumcell & Luis Flores and the heavy blasting production of M.O.T.

– – – : The diversity of the album might be a point for ‘purists’.

Conclusion: Tiptop Audio reveals the hidden side of techno music, which can be also elaborated and simply intelligent.

Best bands: Drumcell & Luis Flores, M.O.T., Matt Lange, Scanner, Markus Fix.

Rate: (7½).

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