V/A Dependence 2015 (CD Album – Dependent)

By Jun 4,2015

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Genre/Influences: Synth-pop, dark-electro, EBM.

Dependence 2015Bands: Covenant, Mesh, Pride And Fall, Seabound, Click Click, Decoded Feedback, Encephalon, Beborn Beton, Iris, This Morn’ Omina, Edge Of Dawn, “Fix8:Sed8 ao.

Content: This is for sure one of the label-samplers I’m always excited for to discover. And the newest vintage will not disappoint the fans of the label and electro-lovers generally speaking.

The 2015-issue features 15 bands consisting of some established bands and label flag holders like Covenant and Mesh, but I’m also thinking of Seabound, Click Click, Pride And Fall and Decoded Feedback. Less famous, but talented formations like Encephalon and Chrysalide are part of the label as well. Iris is one of the latest bands that have joined Dependent so this sampler is an opportunity to get back to their latest great work. There also is the comeback of Edge Of Dawn, which haven’t released any new work since 2010.

But it also is a way to discover some of the newest signings and I here especially want to mention Beborn Beton (for their comeback) and This Morn’ Omina (for having left Ant-zen after years of commitment and success). A few more new bands are the Russian sensation Ginger Snap5 and Fix8:Sed8 while the Polish band Clicks probably is one of the less familiar names among the tracklist.

So enough reasons to looking forward for the upcoming new releases by Dependent. The compilation features several great songs, but I have a little preference for the never-ending genius of Covenant opening this CD with “Prime Movers – Club Version”. The song “Iluminate” by Encephalon probably is my absolute favorite from the list. This is a real powerful and well-crafted piece of modern EBM. The “Club Mix” of “Phenom” by Iris is another brilliant passage while I also have to mention the tracks by Mesh and Pride And Fall.

I definitely expected a bit more out of the new signed bands, but let’s wait for their new work to get a better idea about their potential.

Conclusion: “Dependence 2015” is one of the best samplers I’ve heard this year and definitely when it comes to speak about pure label-compilations.

Best bands: Encephalon, Covenant, Mesh, Pride And Fall, Iris.

Rate: (DP:8½)DP.

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