V/A The Lighthouse Saga (Album – ScentAir Records)

By Nov 9,2020

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Wave-Pop, Dream-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This compilation features fourteen artists who used and adapted poems of Lory Fayer. It’s a conceptual work, which started with a dream set beside a lighthouse. You just have to imagine all the stories that have happened around this magic place.

Artists: Elisabeth Engarde, Silentport Feat. Lory Fayer, Winter’s Course Feat. Francesca Nicoli, Dens Faust, Eirene, Afterglow, Cendre Froide, Nouvelle Culture Feat. Carissa Denee, Condemnatus Feat. Lory Fayer, The Dreams Never End Feat. Sandra Pereira, SAÐÆMØN, Vestafalia’s Peace, Antipole Feat. Eirene & Paris Alexander and Silentport.

Content: This compilation has something graceful; you can feel the poetry emerging at the surface of the songs. From pure reverie to darker, Wave-Pop and Dream-Pop songs this work is touched by beauty and melancholia. Some songs could be used as a soundtrack. Some of the female singers also express a sensation of fragility. The last part of the compilation creates a kind of climax.

+ + + : I’m always fascinated by compilations featuring less familiar artists, but this album is for sure winning an award. Except Antipole and Francesa Nicoli (Ataraxia) singing on Winter’s course song, I can’t remember to have ever heard one of the other names. I especially like the last songs of the album and I have to mention Antipole for the brilliant Dream-Pop song and Vestafalia’s Peace for the dreamy, beautiful composition. In a similar, dreamy, but more Cinematographic approach there’s the song of The Dreams Never End featuring Sandra Pereira. Cendre Froide sounds heavier and Cold-Wave orientated, and is  a noticeable track.

– – – : I can only hope that some of the featured artists will move on composing such great and promising music.

Conclusion: This compilation is for sure the most atypical release I’ve heard on the Russian label ScentAir, but it also is a sensible and beautiful one.

Best bands: Antipole, Vestafalia’s Peace, The Dreams Never End fea. Sandra Pereira, Cendre Froide, Winter’s course feat. Francesca Nicoli,  Silentport Feat. Lory Fayer.

Rate: (8).

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