V/A Document Edition II (Album – Aliens Production)

By Feb 16,2021

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Genre/Influences: IDM, EBM, Electro-Ambient, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal-Electronics.

Format: Digital, 2CD.

Background/Info: Slovakian label Aliens Production is already active for numerous years now and became one of the labels dealing with ‘intelligent electronic music’ I deeply respect. This compilation features twenty six bands perfectly illustrating the sonic approach of the record company.

Artists: =mp45=, Stairway Maze, Alienated Entity, Jihad, Human Vault, Media Data, Disharmony, Mortal Constraint, Mortaja, mulpHia, Amnistia, Spherical Disrupted, ISH, INABLVCKDOG & Jash Teua, Noire Antidote, Sunao Inami, Holon, Samhain, Headdreamer, Na-Hag, Huron, KeyHead, Nadragea, Cyclotimia, Oxyd.

Content: The compilation features a number of familiar artists from the label’s roster plus a selection of ‘guests’. The compilation perfectly stands for the IDM and Minimal-Electro style of Aliens Production, which has been masterly exposed by Alienated Entity, Jihad, Disharmony, Mortal Constraint, Holon and Nadragea. But there also is a solid EBM school represented by Mortaja, mulpHia and Amnistia. Na-Hag brings a hard Industrial-Tribal touch to the work while other artists are more into the Ambient/Cinematic style.

+ + + : This is the kind of compilation, which will give an opportunity to music lovers to discover this great label. The tracklist brings a fine selection of ‘intelligent’ Electronic craftsmen who aren’t always the most famous names although dealing with sophisticated and original music. The album brings a nice selection of visionary artists. Mortal Constraint is a rather surprising and unexpected feature although you’ll discover an old song from 1999. Canadian project Holon probably deserves a nomination for the award of most subtle song from the album while Na-Hag will be the uncontested winner of power and Industrial-Tribal creativity. I also have to mention =mp45”, which is the single artist featuring 2 tracks. I especially enjoyed the pure IDM-opener.

– – – : I maybe expected a bit more from tracks by artists like Disharmony, ISH, Spherical Disrupted and Oxyd, but you don’t hear me to complaining. 

Conclusion: Aliens Production is a label that will always get my full support! It remains a total guarantee for high-qualitative Electronic music.

Best bands: Holon, Na-Hag, Mortaja, Amnistia, =mp45=, Human Vault, Samhain, Headdreamer.

Rate: (8).

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